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Looking to SAMSUNG 46ES6600 SMART TV Dual core ++

        "LED TV" is a term that was coined a new one to make another type of TV screen using the basics of LCD monitors, and change the bulbs Backlight lamp CCFL to LED bulbs instead Samsung has also launched the LED TV in recent years. 2009 through the creation of a "panic: panic" to the image and the sound is very good. There is debate about the appropriateness of coined the term "LED TV" that it is appropriate or not to use the term "LCD TV" for many years until the year 2012 LED TV, it has improved the quality of the pictures. as well as image quality or power savings even ripped off commonly used LCD TV CCFL Backlight Bulb During the next several. These arguments are not an issue anymore. Because of the difference in the quality of the TV are two different visual proof. The price level fell so called "has replaced" LCD TV, I have to sit and discuss these issues with the team until foamy saliva. Coincidence of the Samsung Smart TV LED monitor with a Samsung 46ES6600's new HQ. It's not a test that you have been watching the evolution of the LED TV series "The Middle" to this bit. Previously, it has the right to review 55ES8000 show excellent dimensional images called until almost swallowed a review into the space in the screen shots do the Acadian.

Samsung 46ES6600- LED TV 46"
- Full HD 1920 x 1080
- Micro Dimming
- Clear Motion Rate 500Hz
- 3D Active

- Smart TV- HDMI x 3
- USB x 3
- WiFi Built-In

Design of Design SAMSUNG TV SMART TV ES6600 Concept One Design The thin black blend with a smooth texture on the screen to the TV screen. A clear crystal frame surrounding the bezel Bezel is a fourth layer of the base points of the Sleek slim design is out of the stand can swivel left and right as usual. Overall, the design is elegant enough to penetrate right to the price level. Yet not even dominates the desktop version of it. But it's still a perfectly elegant slim.

First to see the spec and picture of Samsung 46ES6600 resolution screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 chip Hyper Real Engine with Micro Dimming adjusts brightness LED lamps according to the dark and light, Clear Motion Rate. 500Hz allows the animation to flow uninterrupted. Active 3D technology and a spec to consider is that the image is to be commensurate with the Positioning of items in the "upper middle" However, let's take a test before. View specs alone do not beef stew!

Aspect retio: Picture Size.
Supposedly, Samsung Full HD LED / LCD TV and other products have a variety of modes. Hi Dave, I recommend you watch the movie mode "Screen Fit" for the correct format 16:9 and 1:1 Pixel Mapping for watching cable TV. By selecting the aspect ratio. We can press the "P.Size" on the remote control, the buttons do. The other mode is a "stretch - shrink - zoom" for multiple selections. But the conditions of their use, we would not have a chance to use it.

After a trial to view and use the Movie mode is the color temperature that is. "Accurate picture" mode, it is possible that I would see if you can get high-variety of movies, like what the director wanted us to get out to the media. The tone is light and friendly to our eyes as well. We recommend using the technique, we can adjust the Backlight Compensation to suit lighting conditions in the room for us. The room light was the Backlight to 20 or if the dark room on the lower level Backlight down, but if you are lazy to sit the hands had to enable Eco Sensor in Eco Solution to the sensor and analyzed the TV volume. automatic brightness instead.

The quality of the 2D image.
I am using the Movie and adjust the colors and the details show the complete movie Journey 2 would imply that the 6600 does not use the Panel with Ultra Clear Panel an ES8000 Model laptop or the C6200 on two years. the past. The screen itself is kind of a VA, it is a semi-inside. The picture quality is outstanding and the need to be accurate and natural colors. There is a reddish, like its predecessor C6200 model two years ago (but very good as well) to the color of the faces of the characters are a father, Hank, starring The Rock is quite natural. This color is the color of the skin. No saturation of a color that flooded out impurities. Details of the excavations is the complete exposure. Faces of the actors, such as Samsung ES6600 can get all the wrinkles out without carrying out the rough to look beyond the fact that emanated. Dimension of the image is in good shape. The erosion of the Um Vol vegetation is uplifting to some extent. Although not as impressive bounce and shake my desktop models ES8000 LED model, but lower than the observed. I am now the TV brand both camps Korea and Japan are taking place Product Segment or gradient model and price of the TV is depriving more, namely "the payment reflects the quality" that the higher the image quality is better. up, respectively. Unlike the previous 4-5 years ago I could see some people still do not know what the difference between HD Ready and Full HD where?? It follows that if the ES6600 LED TV is another high potential, based on the value.


 Test animation.
I used to play PS3 games are region Winning 2010 although a bit old. I updated the list of players. In other words, it is not wrong to say that ancient. But the team is familiar and much easier for the animation to play gamble with this region almost every day! Yeah, not me. The easier it is to play the new year as the 2011 itself. The ball hit the Iliad without charging powers etc. (saved ^ _ ^) I open the System Menu Game Mode to On, the first thing to touch on is the TV automatically adjusts the picture color is more intense. Combined with surround sound with the feel and weight. It adds flavor to the next level of competition. Animation is a medium that is in good shape. If the LED TV vs. LCD TV or lower cost than the ES6600 will flow. Go to control a lot better than Kanye. Compared to ES8000 I would say ES8000 almost no ghost at all, but the ES6600 also appeared somewhat if the motion such as throwing the ball from the back to the front to try to look at the name on. on the edge of the tire or tires etc. However, if compared to other Camp close to the price of the ES6600 is considered as one of the "row" of the series with the LED TV. As I said, the Response Time that the animation. It depends on the grade of the high price or even the LCD Panel Response Time laptop and it's even better to the explosive during Ebga Response Time is another point to be observed. In addition, the accuracy of the color guard detail and contrast!

Note: In the past 5-7 years, then it's TV Response Time camp and will be approximately 8-12 ms, which is considered a good fight. However, this has improved the quality of the LCD Panel can be displayed animation has improved a lot. Although there is no telling the Response Time For marketing reasons, that is, the LED TV is the top of the camp, the rarely encountered problems with Ghost because the Response Time is not sensitive enough (according to the test team. ) The Plasma TV is also superior in terms of open / close the seed pixels quickly, because the structure of the gas that makes the Response Time is better LED / LCD TV anyway, the conclusion is preliminary, if a person serious about animation. I wanted to play the LED / LCD TV's to play from the middle to the top on it.

Black test image.
Samsung ES6600 Edge LED with the ability to turn - turn - turn off the lamp according to the brightness and darkness of the image is called Micro Dimming for testing as well as to the content or settler. "Moon in the dark night" to test the Pioneer Samsung ES6600 with Micro Dimming function which will be activated automatically in Dynamic and Standard mode, Movie mode, as it will not work. Because they function Micro / Local Dimming, these will affect the accuracy of the Gamma example mode Movie / Cinema / Expert of the other camp will cover Local Dimming left as well, however I tested the density of the. ES6600 Backlight control of the angle of the corner. It is considered a good level. That is, in a room with light. We will not even notice it, but if the Backlight is a dark room, it will leak out some recipes. However, a leak in the little settlement, which is limited to oversee all Edge LED lighting LED tubes are in good shape. Users can not see out of the Samsung LED Backlight, complaining about how much waste!

 3-D test images.
Samsung 46ES6600 technology 3D, Active and glasses with Active Glasses new design for two one and has the ability to convert 2D normal for a three-dimensional source signal to a digital HDMI and a DVI signal to analog. For example AV.

I tested with an animated cartoon movie Despicable Me is a true 3D film Journey 2 2D to 3D conversion is when we change the mode and 3D mode is accelerated to high brightness automatically. On, so we do not feel that the light is still not lost the common normal 2D image, we can adjust the Backlight mode or to fit with the view of us. Dimensional images, it is considered desirable. The dimensions of the object into a tangible form lumps. Hierarchy depth - shallow objects clearly singled out and experience the depth of 3D images closely. Colors are uplifting. This is still a great contrast that is closer to the screen, or even see the screen. Where the model performed better than Passive 3D Crosstalk is that I'm in a fast-moving scenes and out of the neck. Sync simple glasses. The image on the 3D glasses and then press the Power button on the glasses that light will reflect a "green" indicates that the glasses can be connected to the TV. The new design for the glasses I wear are designed to hug your head is lightweight, relatively compact. The lenses are easily replaceable battery buttons. The overall quality is good at the level of 3-D TV series with a.

Recommendations are "not supposed" to increase the value of the feature embellishments like 3D or 3D Perspective and 3D Depth dimensional image seems to float even more prominent. But watching it is a lack of balance, it actually bounces up floating 3D Crosstalk but symptoms are followed by a noticeable edge. As well as a means to increase. I recommend using the default value assigned to it that Samsung is "Purcell effect" in terms of "balance"

My Last comment..

1. Performance of video and voice is in good agreement with the price level.
2. Wireless LAN Built-In Wi-Fi connection.
3. Smart TV is LG's interesting to me to play. Over 100 games with step by Apple Inc..


1. Need to use the Component AV with only a single set.
2. In 2012, the Ultra Clear Panel makes it to the screen in the ES7500 and ES8000 ES6600 Model only the screen is black instead of gloss.

LED Smart TV with Samsung 46ES6600 as "upper middle" where the performance, features and design, it is appropriate for the class name and the price level. The images are clear. Accurate color mode will be finished and most detailed images after the upgrade. LED Backlight is controlled by the Micro Dimming, which years ago did not have this feature. The quality of the image that is in the "forefront" of the LED TV with Smart TV features, it is not a sub-Quote. Among the various applications in the Facebook, YouTube, Games, Web Browser, Videos and many more to choose from, it's different parades. And I use the word if you can play all the downloaded apps, it's not right. Oh my love I know I crawl into the third glass I took! Wireless Internet connection is facilitated perfectly for Smart TV (To be honest, I do not like the clutter that USB WiFi Dongle. Cumbersome and expensive connector) as follows: If you plan to move the LED TV with an excellent value for your money. Samsung 46ES6600 please do consider it as an option for the very first time. Reflect the views endorsed by Ruud. Jude Prasad reflect the course.

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